Updated to 10 from 9 but it doersn'r show


I have 9.040 64 bit Cubase Pro and bought the update to 10 yesterday.

It downloaded the Downloader and I chose update to 10.02 but it still shows 9.0.4.

I even saw there was a 9.5 update on this Forum, which I did also, but this did not change it from 9.0.40.

What am I doing incorrectly please so I can get to 10.02 ?




Thank you for the reply.

Okay so it looks like I have to install full 10 then up to .02.

I did download it anyway in case I needed to start afresh so will install it now.

Thank you

There is a full install that includes .02

Oh okay I’ll take a lookee… Thx