UR22 mkII - Audio dropouts problem

Hello everyone, unfortunately I also occasionally have these “dropouts”. I noticed that I can provoke this by clicking on News in the BattleNet Launcher (Blizzard). Then I directly get a dropout. Or if I stream in Discord in a quality higher than 720p. I’m glad this only happens with certain applications, but I don’t think it should be like this. Sometimes they do occur spontaneously, but fortunately this is rare. I still hope to find a solution.

Also when I press the screenshot button, I have a short dropout.

Here is my system, Ryzen 5950X with 32GB Ram and a 3090RTX. I use a UR22C.
I have already tried the following things: latest drivers, new bios, energy options, leave RAM frequency at default.
Unfortunately without success.

I hope I can find a solution here.

I’m just joining in as I am in the same boat as the rest, and it’s gone on for several months. I’ve tried what seems to be a thousand solutions with no results. I’m curious how many fixes have actually stayed fixed. I might have a couple days of hope to find the problem returning.

You wonderful human 2 days of anger and frustration wiped away by you fantastic solution.

Well l really think this piece of hardware UR22MkII and it seems maybe even the UR22c from Steinberg/Yamaha should not have even been put into the market unless they are/were prepared to say it won’t work with this Motherboard or this OS etc, I have the following system.

CPU - i7 5820K
Ram 32gig
OS is on SSD
VST library on SSD
GPU 2080 Super
DAW Cubase 11

I have tried EVERY system setting basically that has flied around the web and l still get dropouts like every 60-120sec, with Cubase just maxing out with audio performance and its not a build up on the graph, its just instantaneous to the red and this is with a buffer sizeof 2048! USB dropouts are less but that’s with no other USB connections.

But this is the kicker …l can use the Generic ASIO Window drivers with the X99-A onboard sound chipset (Realtek) and l get no dropouts!!! I can even have a 3D program Cinema 4D running in the background and still no dropouts and this is even after a clean install of WIN 10 Pro to make sure there was no residual crap that can accumulate over time that the Steinberg drivers might be sensitive to.

I also had the same project running when doing the A&B so its not just bad luck.
So my constructive criticism here is l would not recommend purchasing a Steinberg audio interface…at least the entry level ones, unless the higher end interfaces suffer the same sort of implementation issues.
As it seems quality control before releasing these into the public domain is very questionable, and there is no excuse for this because as per Blackmagic Design do who make digital cinema cameras they tell you what memory card is compatible, be it CFast or SSD etc. will be able to record the formats of the camera you own and they consistently update this.

If there was an issue with the units working with certain motherboards or hardware etc. then tell us from the word go…The fact that a consumer can pay almost the same amount of money for a dedicated audio hardware as per a MB of a workstation and the end result is the audio hardware is not designed fit for purpose is…

Hello there. Same issues, obviously.

Ryzen 5800x
RTX 3070
ASUS TUF X570 Motherboard

I tried

  1. connecting to a pci-e usb thing (although it’s usd 3.0)
  2. various drivers, old and new
  3. playing with bios settings

So far no luck.

A question: has anyone tried (or has access to try) UR22C? It’s supposed to be USB3.0 and I wonder if it will eliminate possible issues.

I have the same problem. Specifically, I have “soft” dropouts of about 1 second during normal audio playback (any browser or video / audio player).

What does Steinberg or Yamaha say about the matter? It seems to affect a lot of people after all, that should have got through to them.