WaveLab Upgrades Are 40% Off (Until March 1st 2021)

Until March 1, 2021 you can make the most of an ever bigger range of WaveLab’s advanced audio tools by upgrading from WaveLab LE to WaveLab Elements, or from WaveLab Elements to WaveLab Pro at a huge 40% discount.

WaveLab 10.5 is coming :smiley:

I think :roll_eyes:

Dont do it! I doesnt work and there is no support ! I have been dealind with this sinse december save your money.

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There is support here and it does work…ask any of the regulars here. FYI

Im talking about steinberg support not the comunity ! The comunity is great ! But getting steinberg to help that is a diferent story.

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I noticed there’s also an offer to compensate for the fact that WaveLab 9 will no longer work with the latest Windows 10 updates, so I used the opportunity to upgrade my last remaining WaveLab Elements 9.5 license, but the activation code I got doesn’t work. I’ve raised a support ticket, so let’s see what happens.

This is the first time I’ve ever had any problem with activation, so I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the upgrade from 9 to 10. The error message says a “communication problem occurred while accessing the license server” but it’s clearly not a network issue as I can run the maintenance and sync without any problem.

there you go! as i said dont do it people! save your money!!!

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I hope you realize it looks a bit sad, these posts of yours.

Please don’t use my post to justify whatever you are on about. This is only the second time I’ve had to use Steinberg support and only mentioned the fact as it would have been a question that someone might reasonably ask.

My post is about a license activation issue related to the title of this topic. I also stated that it’s the first time I’ve ever had any problem with activation. Perhaps if you took the time to give the detail of what problems you encountered (assuming it’s relevant to the topic), some of us might have the possibility of offering help.

Sorry you are Right ! i should not express my frustration with steinbert specially in the ateinbergs comunity forums as we are often here looking for enswers that we dont get from stenberg. Your issue is all over these forums if you sarch you will find that it has been around sinse they upgraded their new elicencer sofware. And yes im upset that there is no support for people like you and me that spend our hard earned money on the software . I hope you have better luck than i did . I have been a steiberg user since the very begining of cubase and have spent many thousands of dollars on their sofware i own just about every main software they sell ! throughout the years i gues that is why im upset when we file support issues with them and Never get a Response.

Fair enough then, I wasn’t aware there were many other cases (links?). I am also a long-time user and have never had issues before. Let’s see what happens – I still haven’t been able to activate the purchased upgrade and I still haven’t gotten a response to my support request.

Puf! My last support request: 31 december. Not response yet. If my business depended on his answer I was going bankrupt… Ridiculous! Good Luck =D

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I’m still using Wavelab 9.5 on two installs without problem on Windows 10 20H2 latest and Windows 10 2004 latest. The Steinberg full document below only mentions Wavelab 9.0 and 9.1, which have the browse crash problem with latest 20H2 and 2004

There is now one mention of a Wavelab 9.5 startup problem on the German forum, but that’s the only thing I’ve seen of a 9.5 problem and I’m not experiencing any problems at all on two systems with the latest Win 10 updates, I recall having to run maintenance on elicenser when 20H2 installed because of error messages on start, but it was unrelated to 9.5 specifically.

I think Microsoft should fix the 9.1 browse crashing problem, because their update caused it, and I would imagine there are other programs out there that are also affected by this besides just Wavelab 9.1. There’s probably a forum discussion going on somewhere else right now for app XYZ, which crashes when browsing for files with Win 10 20H2, whereas yesterday it worked fine with Win 10 1909.

I’ll be submitting Compatibility test results to Microsoft because it’s easy and automatic (right click the Wavelab 9.0 or 9.1 icon, Troubleshoot Compatibility, run through the few steps, and it should submit results at the end). The Compatibility Troubleshooter really seems like it should work to fix this problem, but it doesn’t. Whether anything results from submitting the reports is a question, but if they get more than just my one report they might take a look at it, because they really should imo. I read about bug fixes in their updates all the time. And Wavelab 9.1 was working fine in Windows 10, and their update broke it.

Mmmm … when I go to activate the upgrade, the upgradeable 9.5 license is recognised properly and the upgrade does specifically state it is also for 9.5 …

I agree it should be up to Microsoft to fix a problem that Microsoft caused, but it will take a while for the finger-pointing to abate (Cubase 10.5 and Kontakt 6, anyone?) so I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

My motivation was simply to upgrade what is a spare license when I saw the offer. Now that it doesn’t work, it would be nice to get some response from the official Steinberg support; still nothing.

The poster in the German forum had the same problem with the discount code.

Wavelab 9.5 tot - Auf Deutsch / WaveLab - Steinberg Forums

I guess you’re right, but it doesn’t really make sense if Wavelab 9.5 has shown no ill effect from 20H2, which as far as I know is the case. Wavelab 9.5 doesn’t have the browse crash problem like 9.0 and 9.1, as stated in the Steinberg document, and I’ve had no problems at all with Wavelab 9.5 in Win 20H2.

I’d be interested to hear from Steinberg about any confirmed compatibility problems with Wavelab 9.5 and Win 20H2, because I’ve seen no mention of anything like that, except the German forum poster startup problem (a whole different issue), which has gotten no response, question, or explanation. I would suspect it might be elicenser related but it’s impossible to know without further discussion.

Thanks for the link! Just to be 100% clear though, the problem is not with the discount code, it’s with the activation code. The eLicenser throws a “communication” error, which it clearly is not; if the code were incorrect, I’d expect it to say that and somehow reject the activation attempt. Instead, it starts the activation process, which then appears to fail.
Still no response from Steinberg support.

Isnt that meest up!! And they are Trying to get every wavelab 9 users to upgrade to w10 thinking that its going to fix their issues ! When steinberg knows w10 has the exact compatibility problems.!

They should be offering free upgrades to v9.5 for all v9 users rather than a discount on v10.

I agree, or at least, if the activation code is supposed to work only with 9.0/9.1 and not 9.5, then that should be specified, which might have prevented me making what may have been an incorrect product choice when purchasing. But then, if that is in fact the case, why does the eLCC recognise 9.5 as an “upgadable license”, then offer to upgrade and actually start the process?

Hopefully I’ll get a response to my support request soon.

Not true, I (and thousands of others) are using WaveLab 10 on Windows 10 20H2 without issue.