X Touch Magic using midi remote

Just been playing with X Touch and midi remote. Discovered that if you put the unit into control mode EVERY button, fader and rotary is recognised. This gives the X Touch and other mackie controllers a new lease of life. As soon as i comete a mapping i will share on the dedicated remote midi thread.


Excellent. The method to post, if you haven’t seen it. (sounds from you post you have, maybe useful to others too)

Sounds interesting

Please DO NOT DO that zip method. We provide an Export/Import Script function in the MIDI Remote Manager for that.

What do you mean with control mode? How can i do this?

Power on the X Touch with select button pressed (first channell on left). Turn same channel pot to mode required. I cant recall which mode I used but it was definately one of the ctrl modes, I need to mess around more when i get time.

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Thanks. Unfortunately a Mackie C4 controller does not have this modes, only Mackie MCU has that.

Once you’ve adjusted your settings press the same “select” button to come out of settings mode.

Yeah sorry forgot to mention that important little part :slight_smile:

having a little trouble with this. Firstly when you touch a fader it registers two controls instead of one. One for the touch function and one for the fader movement. You need to delete the touch control every time you add a new fader. Another issue is after adding the faders and getting them to work, they only work with channels 1 to 8 I cant seem to get the fader bank buttons to operate correctly. I created a template which takes some time and assumed i would be able to simply edit and create different versions but this does not seem to be the case. There are a few scripts already created and would have thought I could import one of those scripts and simply change the ports to my controller and then remap the the existing controllers ( on the launchkey for example) to my controller. There are 3 example scripts but they cant be loaded. Its all very strange and very not working in a logical way unless you have a standard controller. Now all of a sudden my controller wont show up when trying to create a new remote midi config. Also unsure if you have to have the controller setup under midi devices also before this works fully? Hopefully Steinberg will update this so it works with Mackie controllers more easily. I know there is a section in here to share so wondering if worth sharing what I have so far even though its very incomplete? Perhaps a bunch of us can create an X Touch thread and upload a graphical template mapped to each of the physical controls of the X Touch and then see how we progress, sharing our progress often. Hopefully we will come up with a good working remote?

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Guys had the same issue but have worked on a work-around for the issue. Visit this forum post and find my reply. X-Touch Midi Remote Cubase 12

I thought it might be worth sharing a link to my X-Touch MIDI remote script here:

Hi. I’m struggling with finding the correct file in the repo. There’s no “Assets” section that I can see, and the only .js file in the list only has about half a dozen lines of code. Thanks.

Hi @JBoutot1959, the setup section should have all the information you need, including a link to the latest release page with the assets section on it. Let me know if I can make anything clearer there!

Hey there! Thanks for clarifying. I found the release page and assets section.
I downloaded the script and will apply it today and see how it goes.

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