Zero care or support for graphics2d.dll error 0x80070005

Completely over this lack of support. I have commented on other threads, added logs and upload logs every time Cubase crashes which is every time I use it. There seems to be no avenue to have the issue rectified which started in version 11 and I have since upgraded to 12 hoping that it was fixed.

If you can’t offer support then refund my money for both 11 and 12, this is absolute crap. I have tried staying patient and polite but am really over it. Steinberg has become a fraudulent company from my perspective as Cubasis is a pile of rubbish as well.


Could you please link the other threads? I’m sure there will be a link to the internal Steinberg ticket, so I can have a look how is the current situation.

Hi Martin,

This is the main one that has people posting to - Main thread


It has been assigned to a developer and it has been scheduled to fix it.

Hi Martin,
When has it been scheduled to be fixed? Also this has been existing for a long time (through 2 main versions) so why is it taking forever to be fixed? It’s not like you haven’t known about the issue and people have spent many hours trying different things on their devices to fix the issue. Are you going to give financial compensation? Have you even posted on the other topics related to the issue to inform people that a fix is being developed?


I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to share these informations.

Martin this is not acceptable and to be honest should not be acceptable to you. My issue is with Steinberg not you and you seem to be the only person responding to this issue. This is not how software development should occur, there should be an open backlog and status of backlog for customers to see if you are running an Agile or Dev/ops environment which you seem to be running.

I only do this as a hobby and mental escape and the cost of trying troubleshoot and then dealing with the crashes is equivalent to the cost so this has now cost me more than double to use. Why would I not just go and subscribe to ProLogic now? At least I won’t have the mental issues with it and anxiety of wondering when it’s going to crash. I can’t see how any professional could use Cubase unless they are lucky and don’t have this issue.

Again apologies as it is not directed at you however I would appreciate if you could please escalate this through Steinberg as it is not good enough.


It is totally acceptable by me. I signed the Steinberg confidentiality agreement.

I don’t know any company in this industry with an open backlog. These are confidential information, what is the company working on, of course.

I can and I will do this.

Just FYI, @Martin.Jirsak is a volunteer, not Steinberg staff.

I really hope this gets fixed soon for everyone’s sake.

A volunteer? Serious, that’s even worse. Does anyone at Steinberg care?

Many organisations share their back log as it
1 - shows issues that are being fixed
2 - prevents frustration and support calls being logged when they are already known and are being fixed.

I have noticed a growing frustration in the forum and this is probably a big reason for it. Saying that it is confidential gives a look that Steinberg are hiding the number of issues within their applications and are doing nothing unless there is a lot of heat.

This will only increase the tension within your forums and eventual drop in subscriptions. This will also impact the people such as Dom Sigalas who supports Cubase against other DAWs. When your product works it’s awesome but more and more people are complaining about issues. So unless you are transparent about them and the status then Steinberg software will die.

As an extension to this how do I ask for a refund on Cubase 11 and 12 if this fix is not released within the next month? This is without doubt fraudulent.

Steinberg knowingly and have admitted in this forum that there is an issue of their fault that makes the application crash, therefore not usable but still charged a subscription. Then there is the added anxiety of thinking when is it going to crash and the hours spent trying different things to fix the issue in case it isn’t a Steinberg issue.

I have ties to Germany so it is no issue going through the German legal system. Please advise.

Please continue the discussion in this existing thread:

I’m locking this one. I don’t think this one is being productive.

Some things to note:

  • This is primarily a forum for users to help other users. For official support, please check your MySteinberg.
  • As pointed out by Martin, this issue has already been reported to Steinberg. The crash dump you provided can help the developers analyze the issue and come up with a fix.
  • This is far from being an universal issue, which means that it’s likely partly caused by some combination of software and/or hardware.
  • If a workaround is eventually found, it may be posted to Steinberg’s helpcenter.

You’ve been double posting a lot in a short period of time. While that’s not explicitly against the forum rules, I would suggest you to edit your previous post instead of making two posts in a row when possible, as other users might expect new posts to be some kind of update to the situation.