Dear Steinberg Team.

Sometimes we’ve got the Problem that we wan’t to use 2 or more VSTi for 1 Sound
and might be better to use the Filter of the 2 VST’s indeed to use a Goup Channel and an extra filter… ,
or want to change the vst and keep the Automation or,
modulate an existing AudioVolumen-Automation for instance with an extra Automation or,
wan`t to excess every Parameter of an VSTi like the “courese” of the GOA such as,
we need several instrument tracks for differnt keys (all rec, mon on currently) to trigger many differnt Arpache SX for example or,
we would use one controller for different things currently (sends),
putting plugins into: Env, LFO, Note2Automation… (inserts)

Stand Alone Automation Channel + Track

and would be great to be able to put Automation in Parts, to color them, stack recording like midi, and group important Automation to Parts… it also would be great to be able to change to view of an Automation to an “Montain View” like in the Midi-Editor the CC in such a way to don`t become confused by so many thin lines…

Best Regards

When we thought the concept of Cubase further away there must be Automation Channels,
wich are viewn as Midi-Outputs in the Midi-Tracks,
where we can ad 8 inserts
and send them to 8 different destinations.
It would also be very greate to be able to chain midi Track (more than 4 Sends) like Gourpe-Channels and the Automation-Channels of course to^^.

I do agree than some sort of ‘automation track’ would be great. Keep automation lanes as they are, but add a new tracktype you can draw automation in, with a whole bunch of send outputs, with all the available destinations on all tracks. Will need a clever tree structure to keep that useable, but I like the idea.

But sometimes it’s hard to find importaint parts of an Automation or hard to edit little differnt parts wich you just want to copy`n paste to rearange…

Maybe the possibility to move Automation-Track Data on a Midi-Track and vers visa?