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Is it possible to assign manually the number of each channel and they cannot be changed ?

And they could be configurable in the Tracks view :

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No matter what, VL always creates the default “VSTLive” folder when starting the application.

No worries, I will continue to use the default structure.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough with the issue. I do understand the fundamentals of the software. I will attempt to explain again and will include an animated GIF below for illustration.

  • I am working exclusively with MIDI tracks in this example, so no Layers nor Stacks. These are Instrument tracks in Cubase that get converted to MIDI tracks in VL when importing or simply creating a new MIDI track in VL. Problem happens in both instances, so it’s not a Cubase export/import problem.
  • MIDI tracks in VL appear to have 2 mixer channels: Orange and Grey. Based on the meter markings on the fader, I’m assuming Orange is for MIDI and Grey is for VSTi Audio.
  • I would like to work with the Grey faders as I have no use for the MIDI channels. This is my workflow in Cubase since that’s where I prepare all of my tracks.
    • The Grey fader always defaults to [-20]. This also occurs if you create a new MIDI track in VL instead of importing one from Cubase.
    • When I adjust the Grey faders, switch to another song and return, the value reverts back to [-20]. Same when I open up the project.
    • Orange fader seems to be the master and Grey is slaved to it, but I don’t understand how they are supposed to work with each other.
    • Adjusting the horizontal fader in tracks view moves both faders proportionately. This is very confusing. Which faders should we use for MIDI tracks?

Simple Project Example Using 2 MIDI Tracks

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Repeated: tracks belong to a Song, each Song has its own tracks so neither tracks nor track channels persist across Songs.

Sorry, only now saw your gif/video. I suspect you are using shared Layers but will try to have a closer look tomorrow.

… added to the next update,

Simple Project Example Using 2 MIDI Tracks
could you show the inspector? Are you sending to a Shared Instrument?
Also this thread already has close to 400 entries, pls create new threads for issues like this, thanks!

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Done, please see MIDI Mixer Channel States Not Persistent When Switching Songs.

In my testing this is not correct unless we are misunderstanding each other. Audio track channels are persistent. Please see MIDI Mixer Channel States Not Persistent When Switching Songs.

Dynamic song selection and transitions for non-stop, open-format performance:

  1. continuous transport (song end action = continue metronome?)
  2. midi-learn to scroll and launch from song list instead of having predetermined set order. quantized to downbeat or first downbeat after data loaded(?)
  3. dynamic tempo transitions - Start from whatever current tempo is and ramp to target tempo in “X” number of bars/beats (for transitioning non-stop from one song to the next) such as what can be done with Clyphx remote scripts in Ableton.

I currently use these features in Ableton for my live band performances, but am very interested in having the added functionality of lyrics, chords, notes, cues etc. that are in VST Live.

Hi @Spork and @musicullum !

Did you think about releasing VSTLiveMIX app by using the same p2p that is used for Live Mods? Nothing else then

  • mixer view
  • transport buttons
  • Displ: prev & curr & next SONGS

Would be really cool :sunglasses:

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Yes to all.

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…is planned for Parts, but not for Songs for the next iteration. Later seamless Song transitions and x-fades.

Was this already put on the list? Sounds extremely useful for live shows. :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

Hi team,

is it possible to also save information relating to the state of an open window associated with a video track so that, when VL is reopened, this window is automatically reopened in the same screen, position and mode (restored, minimized, or maximized)?

Furthermore, the possibility of switching from resizable mode to full screen and vice versa with a double click on the window would also be appreciated (similar to what happens with Cubase)

Thanks in advance

It would be really nice! :sunglasses:



Not only for videos but for layers, stacks and notes it would be nice to have them be reopened if project was saved this way.
Also it would be great to have an Action to open layer instruments or mixer inserts. Very convenient if one is positioned in another view/module.

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