FR (And Suggestions): GUI & Stability Fixes/Updates/Upgrades

Ok… So I’m posting this while knowing that some of these features have most likely been requested but I don’t want to sift through the site to see what has/hasn’t been requested. (I know RIGHT!? Crucify me…)

So, let’s get started.

  1. I really would like some - what I ASSUME - are pretty BASIC updates/upgrades to the GUI and most importantly - the ability to resize ALL windows inside of Cubase. For example: I still use the Step Designer midi insert with Groove Agent 4 to create some interesting patterns and what not but the UI is SOOO SMALL that I’ve almost stopped using it because I just literally can’t see the damn thing half the time anymore. So allowing all the Native Plug Ins and windows inside of Cubase to be resized would be extremely helpful.

  2. If we can trigger Chords, assign and alter A TON OF SHIT and create dope Chord Progressions with the Chord Pad feature with relative ease, can we please at the VERY LEAST have an OPTION to trigger different patterns (not just inside GA4) and sections of a Project so we can sequence them using our KB’s or MIDI KB’s? I know that other DAWs already have this and why not just switch to that DAW right? WRONG. Cubase is just too amazing to go back to other “so called” DAWs but it’s not without it’s omissions like Arranging and Sequencing that are, at least for me, desperately lacking in my creative workflow. I would love to be able to assign Patterns to “Triggers” or "Pads’’ on a dedicated track (in the same vein as the Arranger track), hit the record button, let my count in start and trigger the “Triggers” (lol) or “Pads” to Arrange/Record/Sequence them Live in, let’s say, “Blocks”. To me (a beatmaker and dabbler in different electronic styles of music) that is THE MAIN feature that is lacking in Cubase.

  3. Would it be possible to have JUST a Scale track instead of having to use the Chord Track every time I wanted just the Scale function from it? I think for beatmakers and electronic artists this would be a huge time saver and a little more flexible in terms of the track itself having it’s own set of features.

  4. Also, I know we’re in the “Cubase” section here but can we please, PLEASE get the ability to “Rate” sounds from our own drum kits and sounds inside of GA4? I know we can from the Media Bay but it would be really helpful if we could do this without having to open up MB, do that from there and then go back into GA4 when there is a Dedicated Browser in there (MB feature in Halion and GA4).

  5. I’d also LOVE to be able to have the “current scale” being used in a project displayed across the top of the Editors at all times (ESPECIALLY the Key Editor) in the “Status” or “Info Lane”. Small thing… HUGE creative and invaluable piece of info advantage.

  6. This may sound TEDIOUS to some but for me it’s more of an EXTREME annoyance (lol) but I would love to be able to use the scroll wheel on my mouse to change the Quantize value in the Drum Editor for each individual sound lane. AGAIN… Small thing… HUGE in terms of ease of use (IMO) mostly because it’s just a NATURAL reflex to want to use the scroll wheel in that spot.

  7. As I’m sure MANY have stated before, can we make it an OPTION to have the floating menu boxes appear at the top of the screen when trying to resize a window or something? That’s all I have to say on that subject…

  8. Can you also fix the bug that cuts off part of my Editor windows in the bottom right corner? It’s not THAT big a deal but it’s just the stupidest little bug that has never been fixed since I first noticed it in 8.0. (See attachment below for what I’m talking about)
    Screenshot (17).png
    For now that’s all I can muster up…