In the next version of Dorico, please, please include features making things simple for composing for organ with Garritan, Hauptwerk and other vsts. Organ is a very special instrument, multi keyboards, multitimbral unlike piano !

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Dorico 4 is expected in a couple of months: it’s unlikely that feature requests can be added at this stage, as each feature requires work and testing.

Can you give some examples of what you want Dorico to do?

I thought that this feature was in test for a long time :wink:
What I need (as any organ composer) is :

  • each staff (2 for manuals, 1 for pedal) correspond to different midi channels (and you can have keyboards changes ay any time on a staff; a kind of technique specifying “Swell”, “Great”, “Pos.” for example)
  • at any time on a staff you can specify a “technique” corresponding to a special registration (e.g. “Fonds 8’4’”, “Tutti”, “Add mixtures” etc.)

With garritan, these registrations correspond with midi channels.
Hauptwerk uses PC and CC on the different midi channels corresponding to the keyboards.

so what exactly can’t Dorico do when programmed correctly in the Expression Map?

Just making sure that are you familiar with this thread?

Each voice can have a different MIDI channel already. If you define your own expression map, then you can ‘map’ markings in the score like “Swell 4’” to specific MIDI CC commands.

It is also very easy to create playing techniques for the organ if you have the data list of your vst.

May be Dorico can do the things, but I’m not able to program these things :frowning:
My two problems :

  1. I wrote new techniques specifying an absolute midi canal change : when I test these techniques in the expression map editor (clicking the little “play” arrow) I still hear the sound corresponding to canal 1
  2. Having written my new techniques, I do not retrieve them in Write mode : they appear neither in the palette of techniques nor in the popover

That’s certainly easy but I can’t :frowning:
With Garritan, the “data list” is very very simple : one midi channel, one registration

Yes of course, I read this thread (and many others).
I have downloaded the map but, i can’t use it with Garritan (same thing with Hauptwerk which is much complicated)

as for

  1. Did @SampoKasurinen’s Organteq map not help?
  2. I can only suggest checking carefully the procedure for writing custom techniques in the Help. If your p.t’s have been correctly created then they will appear under the p.t tab in Write mode. I’ve never heard of anyone say that they are not appearing in Write mode in the current project. Perhaps you could be more specific what the issue is? To use your custom p.t’s in other projects is a different matter – there they must be specified as “default” techniques as below:

    Click on the star. This actually means “save for use in other projects” which is by no means self-explanatory.
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Thanks a lot for your help.

  1. No, it didn’t help because Garritan’s vst seems not to respond to midi channel changes (while it does with Presonus Notion which uses “instrument changes” based on midi channels).
  2. There is surely something that I do not understand in the process of creating expression maps. I admit that these notions are very confused to me (expression map, playing techniques, playback techniques). Aren’t these things grouped together in the “expression map” ? I have read and re-read the help file, but things remain muddled for me. I have looked for a tutorial explaining that but I didn’t find a good one. I use to write rules for Notion but the process in Dorico seems much more complicated.

I’m afraid I’m not a user of any virtual organ so it’s best to hope one of those who are familiar with the Garritan for instance will make a further contribution.

just to be absolutely clear — and apologies if you’re already fully aware of this – creating new playing techniques which are not already in the factory list is best done in the Engrave mode → Playing Techniques. Once this has been done, they should then show up in the Write mode list and you can then use them in your Expression Map. You can’t do the creation of techniques itself in the EM, only the selection of what exists already. Somewhere I think you’ve missed a step. If it isn’t this, perhaps you could explain step by step how you’ve created your new techniques so we can see if there’s something somewhere you’ve not followed correctly.

I think it will if you set up your Aria Player to put different stops and combinations on different MIDI channels. The better you understand the Aria Player’s capabilities, the more you will be able to do with it.

Thank you dko22. I didn’t understand at all that new PT are to be created in Engrave Mode !! (I never went there, it will be my first time !) What I did was to create an Expression map in Play mode and then tell the vst to use it. You gave me the missing step ! I will have a try asap.

That’s exactly my config.

My “Edit playing Techniques” Dialog box has not all these options :frowning:
Where did you find the one you show in the screenshot ?

Found this interesting topic for people like me wanting to create expression maps for Aria Player :

you need to go into the Engrave tab → Playing techniques, not the one in the Play tab. I agree it’s confusing and I think the team are aware that a bit of a redesign is needed in this area of playing techniques and especially endpoints/playback configurations

I’ve created Ex maps and Dorico documents from which you can save your own endpoints and then create Playing Templates for GPO5 here:

which may be useful.