Clip Gain Improvements


Would really like to see the following:

  • 0db being in the center so you can raise or decrease the volume and still see the line
  • Seeing the exact DB change for each point in the region gain envelope line as you drag it
  • Smart tool for the region gain envelope line

Please see the following image from Pro Tools:

Thank you!

+1 I miss this specially when I’m doing manual vocal volume normalization

+1. Nice!


The value’s already displayed in the info line in Cubase, but it’s much more convenient to have it near the event you’re editing.

The ability to create two points then drag the line up or down is much more streamlined than in Cubase — the latter requires one of two approaches: either create two pairs of points to do that (but then, when you drag, it automatically creates a ramp before and after; or select Range tool, select range, cntrl+x to split range, select the Object Selector tool, then drag the clip envelope).

FWIW, I set up a macro to speed the last process up — just the split range command, followed by selecting the Object Selector. So it’s 2 for range tool, drag to select, hit a key to run macro, drag volume — four actions in all, which is one more than with PT. But it could be slicker still, and would be great to be able to do this with automation instead of edits.

also no need to cut the events to adjust gain… this 2 points create+drag is so much better and quicker also for automation …
cubase needs some new editing tools really !!

+1 Like this idea!

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Yes sir

Yep yep, a long standing wish from me.
Really hard to implement without breaking backwards compatibility though.

As I’ve shown it in my video:

Yes, yes, yes…! Much needed please SB




(the next major update release must be being finalised - feature lockdown - around now…)

Also similar here:-



great FR!!

  • 1 !

and this is also a perfect handling for all automation lines.

+1! Just watched a youtube video where a guy using protools was normalizing phrases of a vocal, but instead of just brining up sections by a set gain, he was able to ramp them using the gain functionality, which means this is PRE effects and thus goes into your vocal compressor with these changes, which is important. Of course we can do something similar by splitting up a track and using clip gain, but there is no way to my knowledge to actually RAMP clip gain, just like you would with volume automation. And again, this is important as its BEFORE your plugin inserts, so its before any compression or dynamics processing. Really awesome feature of protools that I wish was in Cubase.