Komplet kontrol no kontrol on cubase 12

I recently updated Cubase 12.0.30 to 12.0.40.
When I did, I lost all control on my Komplet Kontrol. For exsample:
I add a new instrument: (Komplet Kontrol) and use the S61 (like I have for years) to select the sound I want. Then I add a second track, repeating the previous step. When I flick back to the first instrument, I no longer have a display on my S61 and no control of the parameters of the NI instrument (apart from in cubase). This happens every time to every NI instrument I load.
I tried going back to Cubase 11, just so I could keep my workflow going, but that too is now suffering from the same problem.

I am using windows 10 and would love some help to revert this problem
Many thanks in advance

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To show you, the track goes from this

to this

when I flit between tracks

Scroll down to Arnaud88 post for fix

To fix the Komplete Kontrol “Autofocus” problem in Cubase, proceed as follows: Open the VSTI Komplete Kontrol plug-in window, right-click at the top of this window and select “Remote Control Editor”. Then in this window, click on the small arrow at the top right to select “Use the default configuration” and “Apply” on the button next to it. At this time, “Autofocus” works. Then save the project.
The cause of this problem is when the Komplete Kontrol reference named “NIKBxx” is no longer assigned to the first “Knob” on page 1 in the “Remote Control Editor”.
Conclusion: this is not a bug.


Many thanks Arnaud, that did the trick. :clap: :grin:
This is more of a quickfix to a system problem, as I now have to do that for every song because they all have this same “problem.”

badgerthebrave, it’s not a system problem it’s just that Komplete Kontrol needs its “NIKBxx” reference for its “Autofocus” to work properly. It’s normal for every old project (song) to fix this problem the way I explained. You must save each project to repair the correction
and have no more problems when you open it again.
Do the same if you are using a user templete model

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Cheers for clarifying that. :grin:

Thank you badgerthebrave and good Autofocus to you ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi all, thanks @Arnaud88,
I’m sharing what I wrote on the NI forum about the Autofocus / NIKBxx… and Quick Controls problem in Cubase

Hi Danix78
If you want to have the 8 quicks midi controls in cubase, you have to go to page 2 or 3 or 4 etc… in the vsti rack on the right of the project window. On the other hand, you will no longer have KK’s autofocus, you will have to go back to page 1.

Thanks @Arnaud88 ! Your help has been amazing!
Is there a button (or combination of buttons) on an MCU surface (or on KK) to switch QC pages?.. Currently I switch pages from the rack with the mouse as you suggested

Danix78 and not the possibility of being able to configure buttons to change QC pages unfortunately. True, that would be very handy. Maybe in future Cubase updates… :thinking:

Thanks @Arnaud88
while you were answering me I published another post with some more requests, here:

Thanks a lot Arnaud

I had some huge Problems to combine a Komplete Kontrol S 61 MK2 and a Komplete Kontrol M 32
in my gear (Cubase 12 Pro) Once the autofocus problem resolved according to your instructions
I can tape live riffs with both NI kontrollers.

Most useful advice especially since Cubase Pro 12 s migration to further integration of remote keyboards!!!

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Hi, checked my script for CB12?


This not an official one obviously, but it can help.

@Arnaud88 thank you so much for posting this solution. Unfortunately, the solution you recommended didn’t work for me.

The issue you’ve described is exactly the same with the issue I’m having with autofocus on Komplete Kontrol. I’ve been trying to solve this issue for months with no luck and I’m not sure what else I can try. People have recommended things like deactivating my antivirus, locating certain files and moving them to a different folder, and deleting and reinstalling Komplete Kontrol. Resetting the Remote Control Editor settings has just been added to the list of things that didn’t work.

Any ideas? I’d really appreciate some help here :frowning:

Sorry to hear you were not able to solve the issue. This method has worked for me as well.
Reaching for straws perhaps, but have you relocated your My Documents folder from the default location? Have you tried deleting the “Generic 8 cells” file located in “C:\Users\ [REPLACE] \Documents\VST XMLs\Native Instruments GmbH\Komplete Kontrol\5653544E694B4B6B6F6D706C65746520”?

@mlib thanks a lot for your reply.

What exactly do you mean by relocating my My Documents folder from the default location? Happy to try this because I don’t think I have.

I just had a look at this path that you shared, (C:\Users\ [REPLACE] \Documents\VST XMLs\Native Instruments GmbH\Komplete Kontrol\5653544E694B4B6B6F6D706C65746520) and I’m pretty sure that this folder didn’t even exist before I reset the remote editor to the default settings about an hour ago. There are no files in this folder currently, so I’m not entirely sure which file I need to delete.

What do you think I should do?

Thanks again

Sorry, I just realized it is now called just “Documents”.
In Windows you have the option of changing the storage location of some of the user folders such as Documents, Desktop, Downloads, etc. A few years back when I was trying to get to the bottom of this issue, it seemed to me that the issue arose after I had relocated the Documents folder from its default location on the system drive to a different drive. I’m not so sure anymore that this actually has any impact on the issue, but I haven’t had the guts to try it out.

Here you can see the Documents folder has been relocated to the D: drive from the default location on the system C: drive.
To get there, right click the folder, click Properties and choose Location tab.