Komplet kontrol no kontrol on cubase 12

I recently updated Cubase 12.0.30 to 12.0.40.
When I did, I lost all control on my Komplet Kontrol. For exsample:
I add a new instrument: (Komplet Kontrol) and use the S61 (like I have for years) to select the sound I want. Then I add a second track, repeating the previous step. When I flick back to the first instrument, I no longer have a display on my S61 and no control of the parameters of the NI instrument (apart from in cubase). This happens every time to every NI instrument I load.
I tried going back to Cubase 11, just so I could keep my workflow going, but that too is now suffering from the same problem.

I am using windows 10 and would love some help to revert this problem
Many thanks in advance

To show you, the track goes from this

to this

when I flit between tracks

Scroll down to Arnaud88 post for fix

To fix the Komplete Kontrol “Autofocus” problem in Cubase, proceed as follows: Open the VSTI Komplete Kontrol plug-in window, right-click at the top of this window and select “Remote Control Editor”. Then in this window, click on the small arrow at the top right to select “Use the default configuration” and “Apply” on the button next to it. At this time, “Autofocus” works. Then save the project.
The cause of this problem is when the Komplete Kontrol reference named “NIKBxx” is no longer assigned to the first “Knob” on page 1 in the “Remote Control Editor”.
Conclusion: this is not a bug.

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Many thanks Arnaud, that did the trick. :clap: :grin:
This is more of a quickfix to a system problem, as I now have to do that for every song because they all have this same “problem.”

badgerthebrave, it’s not a system problem it’s just that Komplete Kontrol needs its “NIKBxx” reference for its “Autofocus” to work properly. It’s normal for every old project (song) to fix this problem the way I explained. You must save each project to repair the correction
and have no more problems when you open it again.
Do the same if you are using a user templete model

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Cheers for clarifying that. :grin:

Thank you badgerthebrave and good Autofocus to you ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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