Missing Loops & Samples

Opening the right zone > Loops & Samples… suddenly it is empty. This happened shortly after Pro 12 came out too. Then, I reinstalled everything from the Download Assistant. This time, it is still empty!?!
is there a folder in Steinberg on my PC where I can manually correct this?
Many thanks

Follow these instructions:

But go to the folder for your version of Cubase instead of “HALion Sonic SE_64”.

Hello everyone,

I have the same issue here.
When i want to see my loops and sample from rigth zone :


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In cubase 11 all loop and sample libraries are displayed (see picture)

photo 2

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But in cubase 12 there is only one.

Photo 3

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It’s not a problem of a particular instrument, it’s the library itself that is not correctly scanned I think.
If anyone knows the solution it would be a great help.

Thank you very much.

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Did you try the instructions I posted?

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ok i find the solution in a post about cubase 10

for windows users : go to: C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\cubaseXXX - with your windows username and the cubase version instead of XXX (obviously!) there is a file in there called something like mediabay3.db ? (I THINK!) rename it to mediabay3.bak restart cubase…

if you use the search tool in explorer who will find several “mediabay3db” rename only those necessary

Thank’s to Romantique_Tp, you : you were on the right road ;D
it’s great to work together! you are a great community

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