Recording video of the

One thing that i miss on Dorico is the option to record a video of the music being play and enroling the sheet continuosly from right to left, that would be really amazing, i hope you can do it, it would be a major update. thanks for your time


This is not an unusual request but does not appear to be near the top of the Development Team’s “to-do” list.

One’s best bet is to use a third-party screen-capture program to follow the green playback cursor and make do with page flips as the cursor reaches the right of the screen.

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I +1 that.

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Daniel & Co. read every thread and note down ones that have merit.
He has also said that popularity polls do not determine which features are added sooner rather than later.


That’s good to know thanks @Derrek

I am currently doing a daily composition sketch project where I post the results on my YouTube. After testing a lot of presentation methods, including screen recording, I discovered my best approach was to export an extremely wide PDF (changed in layout settings so there are no breaks), and then I take that into Adobe After Effects and literally keyframe the position so it animates as a scroll, and then export as a video with the music. However this approach requires a little bit of familiarity with AfterEffects. I do think simpler video editing programs like iMovie could probably allow you to do this as well.

However one of the downsides to this approach is you don’t get a visible cursor, and you also don’t get a sense of the software and process used to create the score, in which case an actual screen-capture would do best.

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I find it easiest to use the built-in screen recording of the ipad, if you have Dorico for ipad. I just record the galley mode playback - ezpz.

I have numerous Dorico playback videos on my youtube channel of my compositions, and in rehearsals and ensemble readings, having the ‘scrolling cursor’ has been an indispensable part of the video, for the players and conductors I am working with. I am pretty sure that one ensemble ‘secretly’ practiced to my respective Dorico video a significant number of hours because their live performance was so amazingly dead-on perfect. So yes, video is good, having the visible cursor is good.


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After Effects is quite a handful if you’re not really used to video apps - I would suggest Da Vinci Resolve - the free version has an incredible feature set - I used to use Premier Pro but Resolve is far more intuitive, powerful, with effects, Fairlight (with all my audio plugins available) and, did I mention it’s free…!

I use it a lot for putting music to a static image or several images, it’s very easy to arrange on the timeline against the music track below. Of course for full-blown videos it’s great too, and export to every known format, with pre-sets for Youtube etc.


By chance I discovered how to make the music scroll, but to be honest, I prefer the default behaviour even if the green bar has to get to the very end before jumping back to the middle somewhere.
There is a thread on this, with comments from Daniel

It works in Windows too, and the iPad

Sure thing. I happen to have worked many years in film post-production so I’m familiar with all the tools, including Resolve. While Resolve is great between the fact it is free and very powerful, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s actually the easiest for someone with no video experience to jump into – it has quite a learning curve and if all you wanted to do was animate a graphic, that learning curve might be overkill. As for me I mentioned AE mainly because I’m very familiar with it so that was my weapon of choice, but for anyone without any experience at all I wouldn’t recommend it for this task because it too has quite a learning curve (more than Resolve!). Resolve is definitely an option but I have a feeling even more basic easy video editors like iMovie (not sure of the PC equivalent) could most likely do the same thing - basically drop in an ultra-wide PDF and animate it left to right, which was the bigger takeaway.

All of my Dorico playback videos (nearly) are video produced in Reaper DAW. Reaper is very powerful for basic video editing, and fast. It could be possible to use an Automation lane to move the position of a large graphic or screenshot from right to left, i.e X axis position. I have used Automation to ‘animate’ various video items in Reaper before. So, there may be options which do not require the more complex video/animation apps, with some creativity.

I have also used Reaper to make score follower videos using single page PNG exported from a Dorico PDF score, ie to flip the page with the audio, not scrolling cursor.