SampleEditor how to make the background keys look as they should

I was trying to figure out how to change the background of the sample editor so that black keys are dark and white keys are light. I find it really frustrating trying to use it to determine notes, it just looks bonkers to me everytime, I would like to change it back if possible.

I noticed quite a few threads about this already, and it seems the only available solution is to change the whole Cubase color scheme and then it magically reverse the two colors to what we’d all expect. Some people claiming this is a bug that was supposted to be fixed!
However I was not happy with how light I have to make things, not to mention that it changes the Key Editor as well, so in the end I’m not satisfied so am marking this as a Features Request.


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Not sure why you are showing me this, #1 this is is the key editor not the sample editor and I don’t want to change the whole color, #2 I simply want to make the dark keys dark and the white keys white, not brighten a whole editor.

It is indeed the sample editor, and I’m just demonstrating the element to use to adjust the colors,
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