Start/stop and key commands

Hey all,

New user here coming from logic.
A question and a comment.
In logic the play head starts at the beginning of a selected region when you hit the space bar. Is there a way to make Cubase perform this way? This Keeps me from using my mouse so much and what I do is use a single key command to select the region, then hit play expecting the looped region to start from the beginning. Been working this way for 10 yrs so it’s ingrained in my dna by now.

The key command menu doesn’t allow you to test out key commands without clicking out of the key command window.
In logic I can test out key commands before I click out of the key command window to make sure the command is doing what I want it to.
By clicking into the arrangement window I can test key commands and then click back on to the key command window to make necessary changes.
I’m pretty upset this isn’t the case in Cubase. Seems like a very basic courtesy to the user that should be implemented.
I highly recommend steinberg implement this.


In Cubase, you can use Alt + Space to play the selection.

Regarding key commands in general, yes, unfortunately you have to assign the command, click ok so that the window goes away, and then try out and see what it does.

Also, sorry for the shameless self-reference, but if you want to get an idea of what each key command does without having to go through each one of them, have a look here:


An alternative to @ggmanestraki 's suggestion would be to create a Macro with two commands:

  • Locate Selection Start
  • Start

You can then assign this macro to a keyboard key of your choice.