What are the most useful shortcuts in Cubase?

I am new to this forum guys. I cannot find thread on this topic and I want to ask…

I would really want to hear what are your most used shortcuts in cubase?

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Welcome Pekka!

R Record enable
[*] Record
--------intense artistic expression--------
Spacebar Start/Stop
Delete Delete Selected
Shift B To previous marker

…over and over… :sweat_smile:

Joking aside, it really depends what tasks you perform more often. Different people have different needs. Also, excuse the bad taste, but here is a thread that contains all the available keycommands for Cubase 11. (I haven’t found the occassion to update it for Cubase 12 yet, sorry.)

Just read through it with a huge cup of tea if you’re feeling bored, I’ve made some comments about which commands I find very useful. (my own subjective opinion of course)

Thank you.

My point was: What people find useful and improve workflow. There are a 1000 of things that people do.
For example:
Automation follows events make it as a shortcut was revelation for me.
I am asking that kind of stuff. Maybe my question was not appropriate. Sry for that :slight_smile:


  • [G] and [H] to Zoom In/Out and [Shift + G] and [Shift + H] to Zoom In/Out vertically.
  • [ , ] to Go to Start
  • [J] Snap On/Off
  • [F] Auto-Scroll On/Off
  • [F3] Open/Close MixConsole
  • [M] Mute
  • [S] Solo
  • Alt, Ctrl/Cmd modifiers (I love this concept!)
  • Nudge keys with all modifiers
  • [C] Metronome On/Off
  • … many many others
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Ah, ok. There’s also this thread, with good ideas and tips:

That’s a preference. Preferences sometimes allow us to do things very differently, that’s why it was a revelation. Another one is Disabling Mute Pre-Send when mute, that you can use very creatively when mixing. Or automatically connect new sends. Or auto select events under cursor. Or all the different options in Editing - Lock Event Attributes, or even Track selection follows event selection. These are all preferences, but there are certain situations when the preference we never use is just perfect for the job. And when we use it, wow. Because preferences cater to very different approaches and workflows, so sometimes when I change many unfamiliar preferences at once, I feel as if I am using a different program!

The preference switch I use more often is Event Display - Show Event Names, to momentarily better see the waveform starts, MIDI - Show Controllers to momentarily better see a melody’s direction in a MIDI part (I have it ON most of the times, I like to see controller data on the event), Project & MixConsole - Enlarge Selected Track in a macro because I think it makes for a better zoom than the default Zoom: Exclusive.

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These are mine - mapped to my Logitech MX keyboard. I keep them on my desktop as a background - my desktop is also green. TBH a lot of the standard short cuts are very old and you can reuse the keys. I add Y for Zoom to Locators (use Edit/key commands). When you have the purple Locator region active on the timeline, this will focus your editor screen on the region that is located. My most used short cut.


Nah, nothing wrong with the question. But I’m not sure the answers will be all that useful because as others have pointed out, everyone’s needs are unique. That said the KCs focused on Navigation and the Transport (like the list from @Martin.Jirsak ) would be the ones most likely used by a broad range of folks. Also since KCs can be assigned to Macros and Logical Editor Presets, folks often assign them to highly customized tasks.

I think the most important commands are the ones that you will most frequently use. Which means examining your own workflow to determine the most repetitious tasks & seeing if they have Key Commands. Personally if there’s a task I only do occasionally, I’m never going to remember the KC when I do need it. Every couple of years I like to skim through the list of Commands to see if anything looks useful that hadn’t before.

A lot of us augment Key Commands with tools like Metagrid which lets you use labeled buttons on an iPad.


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