Expression Maps for Dorico 3.5+

@Bollen has contributed expression maps for Sample Modeling libraries.


@benwiggy has contributed expression maps for Orchestral Tools Miroire Baroque Orchestra



@FredGUnn has put together expression maps for Orchestral Tools’ Duplex Saxophones, which you can find below:


@SampoKasurinen has put together an expression map for Cinematic Studio Strings:

@Julian_C has posted a playback template for EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra (EWQLSO) Gold, which you can find here:

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@jamesdarcy is working on support for Spitfire Audio’s Studio Strings:

Berlin Con Sordino Strings

@andhy has produced a simple expression map for Berlin Con Sordino Strings:

Berlin Symphonic Strings

@andhy has shared an updated expression map for this library:

Orchestral Tools Berlin Harpsichords

@Thurisaz has created expression maps for Berlin Harpsichords:

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EastWest Hollywood Choirs

@gabrio has created expression maps and a playback template for EW Hollywood Choirs:

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Orchestral Tools Berlin Muted Brass

@andhy has created expression maps for Orchestral Tools Berlin Muted Brass:

NotePerformer with individual outputs

@David_Tee has produced a playback template for NotePerformer that uses multiple instances of the plug-in to allow individual output control and use of insert effects etc. in Dorico’s mixer, at the expense of much greater CPU usage: