Plugin Manager - collected feature requests thread

I am creating this thread in the hopes of getting Steinberg to look into some of these feature requests that have been popular among the current and older versions of Cubase.

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Many of these threads are small or one-offs but all together they paint a picture that Cubase users want more control of their plugins than Cubase currently offers. In fact, this might be one of the most popular Feature Requests that haven’t been implemented directly.

The Plugin Manager is ok but it lacks a couple of features that would make it WAY more effective.

  1. Easiest feature to implement - Allow sorting of plugins in the default Collection. Why? Using custom collections don’t update when you make changes or add plugins to your system. This makes them more of a hassle than they are worth in my opinion, as when I am active I am adding, updating, or changing plugins in my system almost on a daily basis.

  2. Allow renaming of plugins - hands down the most popular feature request I could find. This wouldn’t change the actual file name, but just the name in the Cubase Plugin Manager database. WHY? This would help with search, workflow and improve the display of plugins in the mixer.

  3. Add tags and customize metadata including favorites. This would be additional metadata created and stored in the Cubase Plugin Manager. Some people have requested the option to manually change the plugin Manufacturer to help organize the collection. Why? This will improve search, creativity, and workflow.

  4. Visual addition of columns in the plugin search dialog. A more in-depth feature to add but it would help propel Cubase forward in terms of GUI quality of life. Imagine a column with a star beside the plugin to indicate it is a favorite.

  5. Dynamic folders. This would most likely be a ‘Favorites’ and ‘Most Recent’ which would be populated more dynamically. Favorites would be manual or related to metadata. The most recent would be automatically populated.

…in progress

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I have collected some of the relevant forum posts that have become outdated now.

Can you imagine what a search function can do for you?

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