Tremolos with dotted rhythms

Dear fellow Doricians,

I have come across this little annoying thing : when I have to input tremolos for a piano —let’s say three notes of a chord and one — it is very easy if the rhythms involved are not dotted. But when they are, I found I have to use “fOrce rhythm notation” (o) in order to input the dotted version of a rhythm (dotted crotchet or dotted 8th note), to enable the tremolo notation.
Have I missed something ?
Dear Daniel, could it be possible to enable tremolos between a dotted crotchet and a crotchet tied to an 8th note (the way Dorico inputs it by default) ? I know it is just a detail, but when you have to input some of these, it would be a gain in time ^^

You are quite right that at the moment you do have to use Force Durations in this situation, and we have this issue logged as something we would like to improve in the future.

I’m not sure whether related, but I had a go doing something similar, trying to add a simple two note tremolo, going for three beats in a 3/4 bar. My goal result is what looks like two dotted minims with three beams between them. In 3/4 time, “force duration” is needed to get it working, but in unmetered time, it is not necessary, and 3/4 time signature can be added afterwards.