How to report a bug in Cubase

Hello all,

to report a bug with Cubase, please start a new topic in the Cubase category with the tag 'issue’

please follow these easy rules:

  1. Before you post a new report, use the search function to see if it was already reported. You might find a solution, or a report waiting to be confirmed. In that case, reply to the post It is not necessary to post multiple reports in separate topics

  2. One report should include one bug.

  3. The topic title should reflect a short description of the issue.

  4. The post must include steps to reproduce the issue. Here is an example:

    1. Create empty project
    1. Add an audio track
    1. Arm “record-enable” on track
    1. Hit record button
      → Result = crash
  1. The report must include detailed information about your system, OS, Cubase version used and a listing of any 3rd party plug-in involved.

  2. If not mentioned specifically, reports listed here are valid for both Cubase Pro / Cubase Artist and / or operating systems like MAC OS X / PC Windows.

Please note:
Please avoid extensive usage of “bumping” and putting multiple bugs into one topic, it is hardly manageable to respond to such topics then. The bug should be ideally confirmed by other forum members to exclude a single system glitch.

Thank you for choosing our products!

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